10 Naughty Birthday Wishes for Jiju that You Can Send This Time!

There are different types of relations that you may cherish, but the most exciting and naughty relationship is relation between a sister-in-law and her brother-in-law (Jiju). So, if you are going to celebrate the birthday of your brother in law i.e. jiju, you should be ready to make it as wonderful as possible. For this, you can send birthday messages, wishes and quotes to your naughty jija or jiju. If you are looking for birthday wishes for jiju, you are on a right place.  Here, you will find lots of naughty birthday wishes, messages and quotes for jija from a sister-in-law.

Happy Birthday Jiju

Best Birthday Wishes for Jiju

You are not just a naughty brother-in-law but a caring friend. You always love me like your sister. Happy birthday jiju!


Since today is your big day, you should be ready for a big party. We all are ready to give you birthday surprises! Happy birthday my loving jija!


You’re not a great person, but also a great brother to me! You always throw light on my path! You are certainly outstanding my dear jija! Happy birthday my best brother-in-law!


You always call me your naughty sister-in-law but now today I am going to do something naughty for you as today is your birthday! So be ready to have lots of fund today! Happy birthday dear jiju!


Thank you brother-in-law for everything that you have done for me. You are really such a wonderful guy who makes the life of my sister outstanding. Thank you jija for being my jiju.


Fragrances can’t be separated from the flowers! Love can’t be separated from the heart! Jiju you can’t separate me from you! Happy birthday my brother-in-law who is more than a real brother!


I always appreciate the shared memories of us! You always make me laugh, smile and happy. I wish all of your dreams come true! Happy birthday lovely husband of my sister!


I really often jealous to my sister as she has such a fantastic husband like you! I wish you a great day and life ahead! Happy birthday my caring brother-in-law!


Those who think that you are only my jija, should understand that you are also my elder brother as you help, guide and support me irrespective of the situation! Happy big day my dear brother-like jija!


I wish you a great day ahead! Happy birthday my lovely brother-in-law! Be ready for something naughty today as it’s your birthday today!


Lots of birthday wishes for jiju from a sister-in-law! May God give you whatever you really dream of! Happy birthday my loving, caring and dear brother-in-law!

Ideas on Choosing a Birthday Gift for Your Jija/Jiju

  • First, you should look for a birthday gift store on the internet.
  • Before visiting a store, you should confirm whether they have adequate product assortment or not.
  • It is better if you choose male-specific products to gift your loving brother-in-law.
  • Make sure the gift you choose for your brother in law should be of great usability.
  • Before making a concluding buying decision, you should not forget determining the likes and dislikes of your jija or jiju.

I hope these birthday wishes for Jiju are helpful and interesting. For some of us Jiju is more like a friend, checkout birthday wishes for best friend. While some girls wanna checkout birthday wishes for brother or maybe birthday wishes for boyfriend.